Enhance Training Experience
Smart Podium

Live broadcast & documentation your training session.
Automatically track a person without a camera operator.

Smart Podium Media Platform breathes life into educational content and empowers instructors with tools to engage every learner.

You need a proven solution that continuously evolves to meet your users’ needs. Your Trainers and administrators need data to demonstrate traines success. With Smart Podium you’ll have a partner to boost your technology adoption and achieve your broader goals.

Record and stream your training programs, professional show with auto tracking camera, titles, video graphics

Auto Tracking Camera.

Record and stream your training programs, professional show with auto tracking camera. Camera Automatically Follows Speaker. No camera operator needed. By the uses of facial recognition and motion tracking. t want to be a camera man, but this technology will help organizations save money on camera operations and allow budget to serve there organizations as best as possible

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Simple. Powerful. Effective.

A simple, intuitive, delightful training experience. To put it simply, everything works the way you would expect. Give trainees anywhere, anytime access with our unmatched experience that's modern, intuitive, and works on all devices.

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Intractive with Advanced Dual Touch Sensor.

This allows to use Podium for both regular lectures and art or design projects. Dual P-CAP & EMR touch sensor combines smooth smartphone like experience and precision pen input. High performance PC inside the Podium . Breath new life into your trainers

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Live Broadcast and Documentation Contant.

Smart Broadcastor interface makes it easy to switch layout and add titles and effects. No previous broadcast experience required. Encode 2-4 different streams Stream different resolutions/bitrates to deliver the quality the bandwidth can accommodate. Record higher resolution than is streamed.

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